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So who's this Nick guy?

Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, for as long as I can remember, design has been a staple in my life. Doodles and drawing turned to 3D and computer graphics when I was introduced to modding Unreal and Half-Life at a young age. All through school, I injected game design or world creation into my work (even when it didn't fit!). After leaving university, I founded an indie studio with my capstone project friends, SkyPyre Studios, and continued to pursue creative level design and environment art projects. Now, years later, I've released 3 indie games (with more on the way), collaborated on dozens of community game projects, and completed many personal projects to practice and expand my skills.


Career Experience

Co-Founder, Studio Director & Game Developer

SkyPyre Studios - 2017 to present

Started and maintained an independent games and multimedia studio working on independent projects in games and video, and providing design services to clients such as; branding, graphic design, game art, videography and video editing. Created single and multiplayer levels from concept to completion, aligning with gameplay, art style and narrative priorities. Successfully shipped three independent games for PC / Xbox, and currently working on additional projects.

Contract Instructor - Environment Design

Carleton University School of IT - Interactive Multimedia & Design - 2023, 2024

Prepared course material including lectures, tutorials, assignments and interactive sessions. Taught in-class and provided online support. Graded student work, evaluated student presentations, and engaged with students on topics of interactive multimedia and design. Teaching a project based course on 3D environment design focusing on theory, Blender, and Unreal Engine, to 4th year students.

User Centered Design Specialist & Training Material Designer

Elections Canada - 2017 to present

Work with other designers, editors, subject matter experts, and developers to deliver user friendly, boundary pushing training products for election staff, administrators, and additional internal production for EC staff. Successfully aided in shipping multiple by-elections, and the 43rd Canadian general election.


Area of Study

Bachelor of Information Technology - Specialized in Interactive Multimedia & Design

Carleton University (4 Year) - 2017

Completed 26 courses in areas such as Programming, 3D Computer Graphics, Marketing & Statistics, Physics, Sensor Technology, Game Development, and Human Computer Interaction. Two courses are open-ended Design Studios, in which students form groups and complete large scale advanced projects in limited time frames. Students also form large groups to complete a year long project at industry level during fourth year.

Advanced Diploma of Applied Arts - Interactive Multimedia & Design

Algonquin College (4 Year) - 2017

Completed 9 practical courses in areas such as 3D/2D Animation, Graphic Design, Digital Illustration, UX/UI Design, Film & Special Effects, and Web Design. Two courses are open-ended Design Studios, in which students form groups and complete industry grade projects in limited time frames.


Skill Progression

Tool Experience

Softer Skills



If you believe I would make a good fit for an opportunity with you, and anything above peaked your interest, please don't hesitate to reach out!

I am open to full-time, part-time and contract options.

Hope to hear from you soon,



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