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Hi, I'm Nick.

A Canadian multi-role creative focusing on game & level design, level artenvironment design, and usability.

I also dabble in graphic design, illustration, animation, UI/UX and video production.


Living in beautiful Ottawa, Canada, I grew up pursuing a whole bunch of different creative disciplines. But the one that has stuck with me most has been game design. I play games, make games, teach about games, talk about games, and sometimes eat games.

Whether I'm thinking up cool ideas, drawing characters, mocking up levels, or getting way too deep into balance sheets, the craft of making interactive experiences brings me joy.

I now have the luxury, experience and tools to explore my passion for games both in personal projects, as well as with my indie company SkyPyre Studios.

Welcome to my little home on the internet, enjoy your stay, and don't hesitate to reach out if you want to chat.


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